Egyptian Art at Metropolitan Museum
Second Index - 14th Dynasty to Roman Period

Stela of Amaini

Shabti of Seniu

Mirror, 18th Dyn.

Hatshepsut as a Maned-Sphinx

Hatshepsut Standing

Kneeling and Offering

Kneeling and Offering

Hatshepsut Enthroned

Smaller Statues

Hatshepsut Sphinx

Models of Adzes

Hatshepsut Head

Pharoah w/ Double Crown

Tall Tuthmosis III

Obelisk, orig. 18th Dyn

Tuthmosis III

Two Mirrors, Dyn. 18

Queenly Jewelry, Dyn. 18

Funerary Jewelry, Dyn. 18

Pharoah, Prob. 18th Dyn.

Statue of Roy, 18th Dyn.

Sphinx - Amenhotep III

Neb Ma'at Re

Two Amenhotep III


Minor Arts, 18th Dyn.

From the Tomb of Thutmose IV


Unidentified God

18th Dyn. Bead Collar

Horemheb as Scribe

Stela of Horemheb

Stela Fragment

Ramesses I Chapel


Statue of Seti I

Ancestral Bust

Yuny & Renenutet

Yuny, 19th Dyn.

Cosmetic Dish

Deity, 19th Dyn.

Winged Goddess

Bricks of Ramses II

Crown Prince.

Pharoah, 19th Dyn.

Ramses II &...

Palace Window Grill

Isis & Wepwawet.

Limestone Seal


Small Ram's Heads

Golden Amun

Bronze Amun



Two Sistra

Recumbant Jackal

Hathor Head

Faience Amulets

Statues of Wadjet

Wadj Scepter

Four Taweret Statues

Glassware, Late Period

Was Scepter

Ptah, 21-24st Dyn.


Sarcophagus - Horkhebit

King w/ Henu Pose

Horus w/ King

Metternich Stela

Block Statue

Osiris, Late Period

Bronze Cat

Kharushery's Coffins

Funerary Stela, Late Period

Isis w/ Baby Horus

Adoring the God Khepri


Dendur Temple

Grecian Egyptians

Block w/ Thoth

Thoth, 1 CE

Bronze Sistrum

Mummy Mask

Bracelet w/ Herakles Knot

With Isis & Renenutet

Young Woman

These photos were taken during visits to New York City in 2005, 2008, 2009 and 1012.

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