Faience Bead Collar

Broad Collar
Dynasty 18, reign of Akhenaten, ca. 1353-1336 BCE
Rogers Fund, 1949 (40.2.5)

From info card:
"This necklace of faience beads, called a broad collar, is a durable version of the elaborate perishable floral collars worn by banquet guests. Such necklaces are seen in banquet scenes and are painted on statues from the Old Kingdom onward. The beads in this example imitate a row of cornflowers (center), three rows of dates (middle), and a row of lotus petals (outside). These rows are joined by strands of small ring beads. The rows end in rectangular terminals adorned with blue lotus blossoms, buds, and petals interspersed with poppy petals and persea fruit. The stringing is modern. Three ancient collars of real flowers may be seen in the adjacent gallery 17a."

(Unfortunately, I did not photograph those.)