Unidentified God with Was Scepter

New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Amenhotep III, ca. 13901352 B.C.E.
Granodiorite, height: 91.8 cm (36 1/8 in.)
Rogers Fund, 1919 (19.2.15); Fletcher Fund, 1996 (1996.362)
MMA 19.2.15

Photos © Joan Ann Lansberry, Top 2012, middle 2005, bottom 2012

(From the info card):
"The god's exotically elegant features are carved in a style belonging to the reign of the pharoah Amenhotep III, whose quartzite head may be seen in this gallery. In his massive fist the god holds the was scepter (dominion), and in his missing right hand he would have held the ankh emblem (life).

"Though attributes or an inscription which would identify this god are missing, the statue was almost certainly one of the great series of deity statues erected by Amenhotep III in his vast mortuary temple in western Thebes. These represented the congregation of the gods of Egypt at the king's 30 year festival."

Also from reign of Amunhotep III...

This statue bears a certain resemblance via the smile to one the Brooklyn museum has, also done during the reign of Amunhotep III.

More Info about Was Scepter

The Was (djam) scepter is a symbol of power and dominion and was carried by deities as a sign of their power. It is also seen being carried by pharoahs and priests.