Head of a God,
Periotite, New Kingdom, Dyn. 18, reign of Amunhotep III, (ca. 1390-1352 B.C.E.
Provenance not known
Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, Brooklyn #, 67.14
Photo © Joan Ann Lansberry, 2008-2016

"The tall White Crown of Upper Egypt flanked by two plumes is an attribute of Osiris, the god of the dead, who is probably represented here. The rare combination of the crown with this type of wig signified a special form of Osiris, worshipped in a chapel or shrine. At least one other figure was carved so close to the god's right side that the vertical striations on that side of the wig were never completed."
(From the info card)

From the reign of Amunhotep III, what if it's Amunhotep III as Osiris?

Here's another 'smiling and content' (hotep)18th Dyn. Deity at Chicago's Oriental Museum