Egyptian Art at Brooklyn Museum - First Index

Approaching Museum

Front of Museum

Art for Eternity

Assyrian Genie

Museum Ceiling

Scenic View

Senwosret III

18th Dynasty Scribe

31st Dyn Man
in Persian Costume

"Some God"

Scenic View II


Hatshepsut/Thutmose III

18th Dyn. Vase

With Pet

18th Dyn. Shawabti

Shawabti of Lady Sati

Djed and Tyet

18th Dyn. Mirror

Grinders & Plaques

Head of Amunhotep II

Amunhotep III

Feeding Calves

Lady with Lotus

Elegant Nobleman

Stele of Takhenemet

Sa-Iset the Younger

Stela of Irethoreru

Isis Mourning

Late Period Set Stela


Taweret and...

Relief of Ramses II

God's Wife


Desert Animals


Head-18th Dyn. King

18th Dynasty Queen

13th Dyn. Official

Statues of Metjetji

Relief of Akhethotep

Stela of Maaty & Dedwi

Princess Khekeret-nebty


Prince Khaemwaset

Pepy I Offering

Pepy I


Ibis Coffin

Was and Wadj


Furniture Fragment

Female Figure

Bull's Head Amulet

Fish Shaped Dish

Dyn. 12 Sphinx Head

Dyn. 3 Pharoah's Head


Doorjamb ofThaasetim

Ptah w/ Ankh & Djed

Statuette of Imhotep

Nubian Comrades

Relief of Montuhotep III

Memphis Relief

Plaque of Iuput II

Ancient Graffiti
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May 2008, May 2012

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You might be wondering what sort of cameras I've used in these photos. In July 2006, I got a Canon Power Shot with 12x optical zoom, and all of the photos in this gallery are from that camera.

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