Fragment of a Tomb Painting with Seated Woman Holding a Lotus
Limestone, gessoed and painted, 10 1/16 x 11 1/2in. (25.6 x 29.2cm)
New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, ca. 1539-1425 B.C.E.,Possibly from Thebes
Brooklyn #05.390 , Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund
Photo © Joan Lansberry, May 2008-2016

From the Museum website:
"This fragment of wall painting from a tomb depicts a woman sitting on a green mat, inhaling the fragrance of a blue lotus. Sealed jars of beer and wine rest under a table loaded with other offerings of white and yellow loaves of bread and a dark red calf's head. A grid of red lines that guided the draftsman in positioning the objects and proportioning the figures shows through where the paint has worn thin."

Detail showing lines...