Photos from Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures Museum, Chicago, Egyptian Galleries
(Museum formerly known as "Oriental Institute Museum")

Tall 'Tut', Front View

Tall 'Tut', Side View

Relief of Nefermaat

Hieroglyphs Facing Right


Seti I and Son

Statuette of Neith

Two Harpists

Singers and Dancers

Two Sistrum

New Kingdom Harpists



Khemnsu & Nofret


18th Dyn. Deity


Decorative Tiles

Plaque of Palestinian

Game: Mehen

Uha and Henutsen

Cartouche: Maatkare

Praying to Seth

Old Kingdom Couple


Ushebti of Amenirdis I

New Kingdom Ushebtis

Royal Ushebti

Bes and Taweret

Amulets of Thoth

Magical Wand

Pesesh-Kef Knife

Jar with Animals

Bad Boy

Snakes and Baboons

Jar with Snakes

Priest of Boat of Hathor

Two Mirrors

Amun's Wife

Amun Enthroned

Osiris in Book of the Dead

Funeral Procession of Nespekishuti

Anubis and...

Mummy Meresamun
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