Fragment from the tomb of Diesehebsed

Amunirdis and Diese-Heb-Sed, "God's Wife Stela"
Sandstone, paint, H: 49 cm; L: 63.4cm T: 18.5cm
Egypt, Medinet Habu, 25-26th Dynasty, 670 BCE
Excavated by the Oriental Institute 1929, OIM 14681
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2010

(Quotes from _Ancient Egypt: Treasures of the Oriental Institute_, by Emily Teeter, page 79):
"This fragment of sandstone relief shows two women: Diese-heb-sed to the left and the God's Wife of Amun, Amunirdis I, to the right. Both women wear fine, almost transparent linen gowns and sandals with looped toes." The "god's wife wears the vulture headdress." "Inscriptions from other sources indicate that Diese-heb-sed was an attendant of Amunirdis. In that subservient role, she stands with her arms passively at her sides as Amunirdis raises her hands in adoration of the deity who was once shown to the right."