Funeral Procession of Nespekishuti

15 Pieces Of Stone Relief From The Tomb Of Nesi-Pekshuti
Late Period, Saite, 26th Dynaasty, reign of Psamtik I, 664610 BCE
Thebes, Deir El-Bahri
OIM 18236
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2010

The Brooklyn Museum has some of Nespekishuti's relief :

From the Tomb of Nespeqashuty

The Metropolitan Museum does, as well:

From the Tomb of Nespekashuty - © Metropolitan Museum

I did not photograph the Nespekashuty reliefs at the Met museum, the small photo is from their website. That and another view is at their website.

But I do have a couple close up photographs:

Photos ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2010

I wish I'd have gotten a close up of this section:

That is a crop from the top photo. It is unusual because we have an example of the rarely seen djam scepter:

"The spiral shaft of the djam-sceptre might be an imitation of lightning."(page 90)

"An interesting point is that the bull's leg, like the was-sceptre to be discussed below, seems to have played a part in the local cult of Seth. Both in Ombos and in Sepermeru Seth bears the epithet "Powerful of forefoot"." (page 89)

The non-wavy was scepter is seen everywhere, the Met museum has a particularly nice example, so it is good to have a djam, (aka 'tcham'). Also he is holding a jewel chest, Middle Kingdom example is at the Met.

Was @ Met

Jewelry Chest, 12th Dyn.