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Entering Another Room

Donation Stela

Isis as Magician

Amun Re

Hathor w/ Pharoah


Winged Scarabs

Two Sphinx Tiles

Amun & Queen

Amunhotep I

Ma'at Feather Sword

Middle Kingdom Osiris

Head w/ White Crown

Corn Mummy

Cartonnage of

Coffin & Mummy Board
of Pasebakhaemipet

Inner Mummy Board

Cippus of Horus

Goddess Seshat


Gaming Board & Pieces

Three Djed Amulets

Ostracon w/ Cat & Mouse

Royal Offering Bearer

Four Pots

Vase of Pepy II

Kohl Pot

Wedjat, Wadjet & Ra Horakhty

Palace Wall Tiles

Ram's Head Amulet

Handle of Model Ax,
Model Obelisk Fragment


Jewelry Box




Torso of Priest

Fertility Figurine

Enigmatic Fragment

Old Kingdom Gneiss Statue

Arm-shaped Censer

Model of a Temple

Stele of Amunemhat

Mystery: Ankh & Cord

Sobekhotep III's Relief

Hes Vase


Amunhotep III

Hairdressing Scene

Blue jug, 18th Dyn

Amun and...

Family Group, 5th Dyn.

Princess Sobeknakht

Pepy II and Mom

Thutmose III and...


Soul of Buto Rejoicing

Chair, 18th Dyn.

May 2008, May 2012

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You might be wondering what sort of cameras I've used in these photos. In July 2006, I got a Canon Power Shot with 12x optical zoom, and all of the photos in this gallery are from that camera.

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