Two Mirrors

Two Mirrors
Dynasty 18, reign of Thutmose III (ca. 1479-1425 BCE)
Gold foil, silver, glass, Egyptian alabaster, obsidian, porphyritic diorite
From the tomb of the three minor wives of Thutmose III in the Wady Gabbanat el-Qurud, Thebes
Fletcher Fund, 1926, (MMA 26.8.97, 26.8.98)

From info card:
"The handles of these two mirrors were made of wood (restored) covered with gold foil. The faces with cow's ears are emblems of Hathor, the goddess of beauty. The blue and black inlays and the lower tip of the larger mirror are restored."

Queen Kawit, a wife of Mentuhotep II, is attended to on her sarcophagus, and has her mirror to inspect the hairdresser's work
The male attendant pouring the Queen a drink says, "For your ka, O mistress."
The KA is an aspect of the soul meaning vital life force.