Mummy Mask

Mummy Mask, Roman period, ca. 6070
Egyptian; Probably from Meir
Painted plaster, cartonnage (linen and gesso), and plant fibers, size H. 21 in. (53 cm)
Accession # 19-2-6
Rogers Fund, 1919

Adapted from the gallery label and museum website info:
This woman is represented as if lying flat upon a bier. She wears a long Egyptian-style wig made of plant fibers. Fine plaster has been molded above the wig to imitate a thick garland of white rose petals tipped in pink, into which is set a red stone. On her ivory-colored skin the features are drawn in deep saturated colors. She wears a deep-red tunic with black clavi (vertical bands) and jewelry, including a crescent pendant and snake bracelets."

Snake Bracelet @ Getty

Snake Bracelet @ Getty

Matching Bracelets @ Getty

Snake Bracelet @ Getty

Note the Djed and Tyet symbols at the sides...

Nephthys is left, Osiris is at the center, and Isis is to the right...

Adapted from the gallery label and museum website info:
"At the lower edge of the tunic, two holes were used for attaching the mask to the mummy.

"The back of the woman's head is represented as resting on a decorated support. Directly beneath the top of her head is a gilded wreath encircling a scarab beetle that represents the transformation of rebirth. Below this, the god Osirus [who dies and is reborn] is at the center. Several deities serve as witnesses to the deceased's resurrection. On the right are Isis, Horus, Amun, Thoth and Re. On the the left are Nephthys, Anubis, Tefnut, Hathor and Seshat.

photos ©Joan Lansberry, May, 2009 (Getty Villa photos August 2009)