Two Large Statues of Amenhotep III

(From a Flicker photographer who must have photographed the info card):
Colossus of Amenhotep III
"The two colossi of Amenhotep III, whose distinctive facial traits are still recognizable despite their damaged state, once adorned the temple he built to Amen-Re at Luxor, in Thebes. Like so many Dynasty 18 monuments, these statues were usurped by Merneptah, who had the statues moved from their original location to the eastern portal of the temple. Mernepath's deeply incised titulary contrasts with the retained carving of sema tawy ("Unification of the two Lands") motif on both sides of the throne of the larger colossus."

(Detail showing the Sema tawy

"While the broad, flat planes and bold proportional are typical of Egyptian architectural statuary, these pieces are distinguished by the quality of sculptural details, such as the rendering of facial features and of elements of dress."

Rogers Fund and gift of Edwards S. Harkness, by exchange (1922)