Faience Cartouche of Neb Ma'at Re, Amunhotep III

Faience Cartouche of Neb Ma'at Re, Amunhotep III
Note Ma'at, Goddess of truth, balance and justice, is part of the prenomen of Amenhotep III, Neb - Ma'at - Re
Faience architectural decoration from the palace of Amenhotep III at Malkata
18th Dynasty, c. 1417 -1379 B.C.

(From Museum info:)
"These three reconstructed panels of faience architectural decoration were unearthed from rooms in the southwest corner of the Temple of Amun at Malkata by the Metropolitan's Egyptian Expedition.

The largest panel was probably part of a wall or ceiling decoration. Faience tiles form the interstices of a series of running spirals in gilded plaster; smaller rectangular tiles are used to delineate the borders. Many of these tiles were found in stacks on the floor, where they had been abandoned by thieves who had stripped off the gold foil.

The smallest panel depicts a cartouche enclosing the prenomenen of Amenhotep III, Nebmaatre, topped by a pair of ostrich plumes and the solar disk."

Part of Amenhotep III's building boom included "a huge new palace ('Palace of the Dazzling Sun Disk') at Malqata, on the west end of the Nile opposite Thebes." (From _The Encylopedia of the Egyptian Pharoahs_ by Darrell D. Baker, page 48)