Sphinx of Amenhotep III

Sphinx of Amenhotep III, possibly from a Model of a Temple
Faience, remains of an alabaster tenon (attachment to a base or larger stone unit?)
Purchase, Lila Acheson Wallace Gift, 1972 (MMA #1972.125)

Head from a Statuette of Amenhotep III
Purchase, Fletcher Fund and The Guide Foundation, Inc., Gift, 1966 (MMA #66.99.30)

Hans Ollermann has a view of this marvelous sphinx from the front.
(He allows "educational non-commercial use")

Such a perfect sphinx!

"The ninth ruler of Dynasty XVIII, Amenhotep III is, with the possible exception of Ramesses II, the best attested and documented of all the pharaohs of Egypt. Often referred to with the appellation 'The Magnificent,' Amenhotep III inherited am empire that stretched from Napata, at the Fourth Cataract of the Nile in Nubia, to Kadesh in northern Syria; his influence covered a territory half again as large. Egypt traded and maintained diplomatic relations with most of the Mediterranean and Aegean world, as well as with Babylon, Assyria, Mittani and the Hittites." (From _The Encylopedia of the Egyptian Pharoahs_ by Darrell D. Baker, page 45)

This age of prosperity enabled Amunhotep III to build many temples and chapels. Of course this included many statues of himself, both small and large!