Statue of Roy

Statue of Roy Chanting the Solar Hymn Written on His Stela
New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Amenhotep II (ca. 14271400 B.C.E.)
Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes
Limestone, paint, H. 12 3/8 x 6 7/16 in. (31.5 x 16.3 cm) MMA 17.190.1960, Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917

"The scribe Roy holds a stela inscribed with a hymn to the sun god Re. Roy also served as steward of a temple dedicated to a queen whose name is not given. Her title 'king's great wife' identifies her as her husband's most important queen.

Roy is kneeling with his hands raised, a standard pose of worship and the statue should probably be understood as a representation of Roy reciting the text on the stela." (From info card)