Matisse' Artwork from Various Museums
Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954)



Woman Watching Fish

In an Armchair


Lorette with Coffee

Woman at a Window

At Nice

Woman with Guitar

Line Drawing of a Woman


The Serf

Dance Movement






La Gerbe
I love this quote of Matisse, first found in _The World of Matisse_, by Time-Life books, but also translated from the French in _Creativity and spirituality: Bonds Between Art and Religion_, by Earle Jerome Coleman, page 105:

"What I dream is an art of equilibrium, purity and tranquility, without disquieting or disturbing subjects, which could be for the mental worker, the business man, and the man of letters too, for example, a mental refreshment and relaxation, something analogous to a good easy chair in which one rests from his physical fatigue."

--Henri Matisse          

Matisse also said, expressing his life-affirming values:
"'what interests me most,' the artist stated, 'is not still-lifes, or landscapes, but the human form. It is here that I can best express the almost religious feeling that I have about life." (_Matisse_, Jean Guichard-Meili, (Praeger, 1967), page 184)

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