Degas' Paintings and Sculpture from Various Museums

MFA - Father Listening to Music

MFA - At the Races

NGA - Mme Malo

MFA - Montejasse & Daughters

MFA - Edmondo & Thérèse Morbilli

MFA - Ballet Dancer

MFA - Racehorses at Longchamp

MFA - Bronze Horse

MET - At the Millener's

LACMA - Horse w/ Jockey

LACMA - The Dancers

Kasser - Pregnant Women

LACMA - Bellelli Sisters

NGA - Little Dancer
Impressionist Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Impressionist Art at the National Gallery of Art
Impressionist Art at Chicago's Art Institute
Renoir's Art from Various Museums
Van Gogh's Art from Various Museums
Monet's Art from Various Museums
Mary Cassatt's Art from Various Museums
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