I like to collect handwriting samples from people I love, so I was glad to find this letter Laura had written to me eight years before she passed away. She'd written letters to quite a few people and sealed them, to be opened after her death.

Below, I quote the letter entirely:

My Sweet Darling,

I want to take this relatively clear headed and lucid moment to thank you for being there for me, and for your strength through these trying days. Your love, your clarity of mind, your understanding have helped me more than words can tell.

Our adventure(s) together too are as wonderful as ever and every precious moment is another miracle of joy. I can never, if I lived to be a thousand years old, tell you enough about how special I know you to be. Your charm, your wit, your laughter, your intellect, your wisdom, your vitality, your incredible enthusiasm for life, your zest, and your gusto make even my most anxious and painful times a source of immense pleasure; because it means I am still alive and still beside you. I only wish that you have a long, and glorious life and that I have the privilege of being with you for every moment of mine.

I am writing this while you are at work on this Tuesday, Jan 23, 1994, missing you, and loving you, and thinking about the unbelievable good fortune that brought us together. No small wonder we were embraced by a rainbow.

Laura's graceful athleticism is revealed in her signature.