In Memoriam . . .

Laura Darlene Lansberry
1939 - 2002

An Elemental Force
Loosed Upon
A Tame And Tawdry
Mundane World!

Our Memorial is an ongoing event
This pendant of three intertwined dragons, bought December 3, 2003 seems to symbolize the triad, Laura definitely had her 'dragon' power. Joan likes to imagine she has some of it too. Julia is not so 'forceful'. Maybe her inner dragon is only a baby. But she was born in year of the Dragon, so she counts as full dragon, too.

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(The soft harp music of Georgia Kelly's Garden Of The Sun is heard as people enter:)


Opening Prayer:
Ritual Offering To Venus

Message From Laura
Read by Julia

MUSIC: Rhea Kronia

Sixty Reasons Why I Love Laura

Laura's Hidden Love Of Music

MUSIC: Autumn Leaves

*    *    *

Open time for stories about Laura to share:

Some of our friends and relatives could not be here, so they sent their stories:

Laura's son Anton speaks proudly:

Laura's friend Ciana remembers Laura's kindness:

Laura's friend Danice remembers a gallant lady:

Laura's friend Serena remembers a playful Laura:

JOAN was present, but this story, Larger Than Life was not yet!

*    *    *

MUSIC: Erev Shel Shoshanim
'An Evening Of Roses'
Translation Read By Julia

Laura The Teacher

MUSIC: Goddess Dance Cycle: Desert Wind

Sorceress Supreme
Written by Laura, Read by Julia

*    *    *

The Ongoing Memorial:

Our small at-home memorial to Laura - 2002
Memorial area - 2013

Laura's Handwriting Sample and Letter to Joan

Laura remains with us still, a handwritten note by Julia

The first Christmas after Laura's death, naturally our thoughts turn to her.

*    *    *

"Stars fade like memory the instant before dawn.
Low in the east the sun appears, golden as an opening eye.
That which can be named must exist.
That which is named can be written.
That which is written shall be remembered.
That which is remembered lives . . ."

- from the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.

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