Laura Darlene Lansberry

Of Star Stuff Now . . .

April 14, 1939 - July 31, 2002

Our brave warrior, after going for a bike ride, collapsed on Sunday morning, July 28, 2002. A fireman saw her in distress. Laura was on the ground, looking out of breath and trying to hold herself up with one arm. He stopped and approached Laura, who explained that her heart hurt.

He had to call 911 from a nearby store, and when he returned, Laura had stopped breathing. He performed CPR and got her pulse back shortly before rescue crews arrived and brought Laura to the hospital.

Gratefully, his rescue gave Laura the best chance of survival. Without it, we would always have unanswered questions. However, the damage Laura's heart sustained in that heart attack was too great, and she could not fight the subsequent infections that ensued. Her spirit left her body July 31, 2002.

Yet, in our hearts, her spirit remains, and in these pages, her spirit still remains.

With All Our Love,
Joan Ann Lansberry
Julia Cybele Lansberry
The Triad Still!

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