Another Shrinario
March 31, 2022

Earlier, Julia coined the word for these scenarios. Such shrines only exist in digital space (except for the brief period in which they were assembled and photographed), so she calls them "shrinarios":

Again experimenting with limited scenarios, I feature Nit's and Nebthet's medallions at the center.
This time, statues of Sekhmet and Bast (acquired in 2004, JBL statues) accompany them.
(Dark Bast statue is a British museum reproduction, lioness (for me, representing Tefnut) was sculpted by Scott Nelles.
At center, a NebSauAnkh amulet I designed and had made via Shapeways.
Behind it, the first piece I ever sculpted and had cast in bronze, in 2017)

To compare, a simplier shinario I also created with the Nit and Nebthet medallions.

Garnets for Nit, my medallions, my needlepoint of Nebthet, amethyst for Nebthet.

(The older shrinario briefly occupied the Hathor, Ptah and Set shelf, while the more recent one captures some nice dramatic light effects.)

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