September 10, 2017

I haven't updated since transcribing a day from my travel journal, my visit to the Pompeii exhibit in Portland, Oregon. The next day in that paper journal, August 2, 2017, only says that when I called home, I found a very sick Julia. She thought she had food poisoning.

She didn't. At first the doctors ruled that it was infectious colitis and sent her home from the hospital with three different kinds of antibiotic perscriptions. But Julia grew weaker each day. She returned to the hospital on the 22nd. She got even weaker. They were consistent in that diagnosis, until one doctor got the idea to scan the blood vessels in her intestines. The scan revealed very alarming things, and they rushed her off to St. Joe's in Phoenix. There, we learned she has Arterial Venous Malformation in her intestines, potentially life threatening. Two surgeries to cauterize some of the worst offending malformed veins, and Julia is now at rehab, trying to regain the mobility to get out of bed.

To say the last month has been traumatic would be understating things greatly.

At least Julia is now in Yuma, where I can visit her each day.

Meanwhile, my ankhs have arrived!

This is what the model looked like when I sent it to the foundry last April

And this is what they look like now!

A view from my relaxed atropaic shrine (not strictly Kemetic)

That's my "Life Belongs to the Netjeru" banner which I finished last July.

It has some ankh pendants on the bottom.

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