Sunday, July 9, 2017
I Love Basketweave!

I love basketweave stitch, I wish I had tried it earlier. The example on the left in photo has its background in basketweave. The "stripey" shadows of the continental stitch used in the needlepoint on the right is so obvious. Too late! That one will be stripey!

The image is from this website which explains why it is better. My photo SHOWS you! : )

The stripey one will say "Set, Son of Nut, Great of Strength on the prow of the barque of Ra" when it is done.

I was going to do something else entirely with the center of the one on the left. I have that online, along with its reverse. I decided, after I had two rows of the zig zag border in, to scrap that design, because it is too much like the one on the right. (The designs are online, however, in case you wish to have a simple Set sha and his identifying hieroglyphs.)

I decided to do "NiankhNetjeru", ("Life Belongs to the Gods"), which is the phrase that will be on the back of three bronze thrones, as you can see from the model in the link.

Saturday, July 22, 2017
One is Done!

I tried to adjust for the yellow tinge of the lightbulb, I also have photo in grayscale...

Progress on other piece, in the hoop, it says "Son of Nut, Great ..."
Two lion heads will follow, to say "Great of Strength".

After my happiness with the basketweave, I considered scrapping the second piece briefly, but changed my mind. I may have another go at the needlepoint of Hathor, however. I revised the pattern for slightly more wide set eyes.

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