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From starting last November, here's the progress of my needlepoint of Hathor. The origins of this piece begin with my studies of the Hathor capitols at Bubastis

The line drawing of a composite Hathor capitol inspired me to a mixed media version first. Comparing the digitally refined colored pencil version and the needlepoint version:

I found a fascinating article (or more accurately, someone else found this and linked to it in one of my forums :) )


It speaks of the ringlets of Hathor, which we see sashed back in the Hathor capitols and in these two modern versions.

“Become scribe of Hathor. I am the one who is glad before her horns, being arms united, the lector priest, scribe of god words…in the secret palace…
…my two ringlets get open
my ringlets open
and the face of Hathor makes lighter to me. Hathor holds her arms out”

It's interesting, the idea of Hathor's hair being like a veil and then is parted and sashed back to allow her beautiful face to be seen!