Horus And...

Horus rounds in sizes from 7.16cm (2.82in) to 4cm (1.58in) wide.

The positive/negative design constraints of the simple Shapeways apps works well for a stylized portrait of the Egyptian god Horus (aka Heru, Heru-Wer).

I used the positive/negative aspects in another way for the following little plaque (or pectoral) featuring the hieroglyphs for the god Amun Ra. In this design, the negative space becomes positive space. This is rather fitting for the hieroglyphs that are Amun Ra's name. As one of the titles of Amun is "the hidden one", he hides in the negative space!

(Polished Brass, 6.47 x 5.48 x 0.26 cm (2.55 x 2.16 x 0.1 inches)
It makes into a somewhat heavy pendant, unless you choose the aluminum.

This design also calls to mind the deeply cut hieroglyphs at Medinet Habu:

The above example is cropped from this photo by kairoinfo4u, who gives "creative commons".

I use my plaque as an identifier for the throne above.
(The round brass plate also "says" Ra. )

I am indeed very grateful to be able to give tangible expression to my imagination. (These designs are available for you to have made in a variety of metals, should you like.)