Saturday, October 15, 2016 B
"What's Been Keeping Me Busy"

When I updated the archive after today's "Morning Breakfast photo, I noticed there had been only one entry for September. What's been keeping me busy?

It's a very time consuming project that has me quite absorbed. It will be a banner hanging behind my statue of Wepwawet.
I figured out the hieroglyphs for "Wepwawet, Lord of the Sacred Lands", and the border colors:

I had quite a bit of the black for the border done, before I realized I hadn't followed my own design. I despaired of ripping the stitches out, for some of them were done in full cross before I realized half cross fit much better. Miracle of miracles somehow the "Red-Blue-Green-Yellow-Red..." flow was still perfect:

This was my progress last week...

...and how it looks tonight. The top and right side border edges are done.

Saturday, October 22, 2016
"A Variation on a Hathor Design"

The Original Hathor Design, Colored

Although I did finish the color block border, otherwise I haven't made much progress on the Wepwawet needle point. That doesn't stop me from thinking to the next piece. I may possibly adapt this drawing for a needlepoint design. In addition to simplifying it a bit, I've also fixed the too skinny neck. It will print to 8x10 inches or you can keep it 8.5x11 inches. (October 22, 2016)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016
"Another Variation on a Hathor Design"

Thinking this type of hair will translate better to a needle point design...
Note of December 18, 2016:
Now that I am transcribing this design to the 18 count grid, the eyes seemed too high to look good in needlepoint. Lowering them should improve the result.

Possible coloring plans, using eight colors, loosely inspired by the Hathor-Head Frieze in the Tomb of Senenmut, TT71

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