New Shrine Shinies
April 21, 2018


The smaller NebSauAnkh ("All life and protection") arrived last week
(Polished brass, 4.30 x 5.54cm (1.69 x 2.18 in.)

The larger NebSauAnkh arrived today!
(Gold steel, 10.21 x 12.72cm (4 x 5 in.)

As I explained earlier, this design is based on a "Motto Clasp of Sithathoryunet" from the Middle Kingdom, now at the Met Museum #16.1.18.

And here it is, in situ:

I'm testing a small necklace pendant size version, too! Well, one could wear the 4.30 x 5.54cm size as a pendant, using the ankh loop as a chain carrier, but it would be quite heavy! Soon, I'll be able to report on the success of this version. And I've got another design in process!

Meanwhile, here's the Wepwawet shinies in place:

Tawonshet's Wepwawet coin w/hole in matte bronze with a golden patina, and 'Merenptah' Wepwawet Coin w/hole in the gold patina bronze. Click to see the amazing details on these pieces!

Tawonshet (Bezenwepwy) also created the beautiful Wepwawet statue!

I am indeed very grateful to be able to grace my sacred space with such beautiful things. Dua Netjer for my many blessings!

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