Idea for Horus Statue
November 10, 2016

This all began with my seeing a photo of a statue of Horus currently at the Miho museum in Japan. The silver statue is gorgeous. One can imagine what it looked like when it still had its gold layer. As I looked at the photo, I seemed to hear a message. Set always needs Horus to balance him. I felt that earlier when I colored "Warboar's" Heru and Set, (The results of which can be seen at upper right in this photo).

This balance is part of why I've found my "Horus and Set Silhouetted" piece so satisfying.

And thus it doesn't seem right that Set should have an enthroned statue without Horus getting one too:

This statue of King Senwosret I at the Met Museum (MMA #25.6) features a 'sema-tawy' which means unification of the two lands.

"The sema hieroglyph represents two lungs attached to the trachea, an anatomical unit which provided a natural symbol for the concept of the unification of equal parts, and particularly, the unification of the two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt. The union of the Two Lands stood behind much of the ritual and idealogy of Egyptian kingship, and the sema hieroglyph is found in a wide range of contexts which underscored the king's uniting rule."
Quote and illustrations from _Reading Egyptian Art_ by Richard Wilkinson, pages 80-81

"Heru-sema-tawy" is a title of Horus which means "Horus, Uniter of the Two Lands", so this is a fitting thing to grace the throne of a statue of Horus.

Throne back...

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