New Additions
May 30, 2016

I have a new art piece that I actually like!
More about the statue...

That makes two pieces from my recent attempts, that have made "the grade" so to speak. The one, "Offering to my Mother", is one only a mother could love, I'm afraid. The Akh of my mother might have thought, "Well, I'm glad at least that you thought of me!". And anything to improve the relations, albeit after she's passed, is good. The one leg of Hathor as a Cow is too short. Although I fixed that somewhat in the digital version, it's not among the favorites. But the colored Hathor column made the grade, as you can see.

Meresankh Sniffing a Lily also is in favor, but I don't know where to put her yet. As we have a small home, I don't want to cram the walls full of things. So something else must go, but what?

There's a narrow column of CDs that must be moved elsewhere, to make room for this stand, which hopefully I can put together:

The statue of Wepwawet will go there, beside the main shrine area. Bit by bit, things are coming together.

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