Thursday, June 4, 2015 A
Intuitive Drawing: Beautiful ReUnion

Beautiful ReUnion, 2015
Joan Ann Lansberry, American, 1958-
Sharpie pen on 11x14 in. bristol board

(Also a few scritches from the original sketch pencil which I couldn't erase on the original. Note to self: "Do not use that "extra black layout pencil. Extra black means will not erase." Except of course, it's erased in the digital version.)

Today is Day Three of the Feast of Beautiful Reunion of Hathor (Hethert) and Heru-Wer. When I was feeling wired last night and took pencil for an intuitive drawing, Heru-Wer appeared first. Okay, the bird's beak doesn't look properly falcon-like, and of course, the crown doesn't resemble any in ancient Khem. But it IS a crown, and Heru likes his crowns.

I had a bit of a trouble getting the vision right for Hethert's body. The thing with the intuitive drawings, I have to make sure there's no controlled imput, only pure "listening". And so that is the area with the erasure marks. There's almost an idea that she's not there yet, that each of them are only dreaming about the reunion. And so the full body of Hethert is not there.

But she will be soon, and so there is happy anticipation.

Oh yes, she will be soon!


Thursday, June 4, 2015 B
Beautiful Arrival!

As I said back in October:
"It began with a dream. I found myself with friends visiting the Egyptian galleries in an unspecified museum. We came upon a statue of Hathor, (aka Hethert), and I admired its beauty. Before me, the hard tan limestone began to turn pink and soft. When the transformation was complete, Hathor smiled at me.

"I woke afterwards, and remembered the statue as the one at the Luxor museum.

"This dream has inspired me. I sought out various photos of this statue from different angles, and decided what I like best about it is its face. The body seems a little too thin, and the details are extremely simple, as there's no indication of her dress lines. So I took a photo I'd taken of a statue of Sekhmet that's at the Met museum, and flipped it horizontally so that the ankh was in her right hand as it is in the Luxor statue. Luckily, the head of the Luxor statue could be placed over the head of the Met statue to make a model:"

This fit is probably due to both statues having been created during Amenhotep III's reign, and therefore having a similar template.

After I presented my drawing to the sculptor Lena Toritch, she first came up with a rough clay model and asked if that's what I had in mind and if any changes should be made. I wanted hair lines and jewels delineated in her necklace. She then showed me photos of the final clay version. Delicate details such as her headdress and the glyph that says "Hathor" (Hethert) are done in wax.

Next, Lena showed me the raw bronze stage:

It wasn't long afterwards that she shared photos of the finished piece:

Photo montage created from the various photos...

The big brown truck came by tonight at 5:15pm. I didn't waste any time in getting photos!

Only the photos using flash came out...

Close up of her face...
(Note of June 27, 2015:
I now have photos of her in natural light.

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