Thursday, May 21, 2015
Fun with a Web-Meme

Perhaps it's the sort of exuberance that comes to one from feeling well after having been sick. The nasty flu bug has been banished, and I find myself really awake. I did give a dutiful forty minutes to an attempt at sleep. Then figured I might as well get up.

I found myself rather amused by a web-meme. I answered it via commenting on the original post, but now find myself amused to give expanded answers.

Birthday: 11/10/58, before color photography was the norm
Relationship status: Married
Biggest fear: Being helpless and alone (covers a multitude of potential disasters)
Dream job: Artist/Writer/Egyptology researcher, (all the stuff I do in my "spare" time)
Dream car: The chevy we have is fine
Dream house: The house we have is fine

Artist: Matisse (This was hard for me to narrow down, as I have so many favorites. But Matisse brings me the most joy. I love this quote of his: "'what interests me most,' the artist stated, 'is not still-lifes, or landscapes, but the human form. It is here that I can best express the almost religious feeling that I have about life." (_Matisse_, Jean Guichard-Meili, (Praeger, 1967), page 184)

Movie: Contact (This is also among Julia's favorites)
Song: My Fight Song ("Cause Iíve still got a lot of fight left in me" :), thanks, Rachel Platten!)
TV Series: Star Trek, Downton Abbey (The first, for its optimistic view of life, the second, because of all the varied characters and their life stories)
Animal: (Human animal), cats. I say cats, because they are the creatures with whom I've had the most experience. I've cleaned up after 'em and fed them. :)
Book: (Egyptology Book: The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, by Wilkinson), A Century of Wisdom: Lessons From the Life of Alice Herz-Sommer the World's Oldest Living Holocaust Survivor
Color: Red

This or that...
Twitter or Facebook: Facebook
Twitter or Instagram: Neither
Facebook or Instagram: Facebook
Coke or Pepsi: Neither
Tea or Coffee: Tea
Tacos or Pizza: Tacos, (fish tacos (whether tilapia, salmon, or shrimp) with corn shells)
Winter or Summer: Both, (like the winter weather, but also like the relaxed summer pace.)

Would you ever...
Get married: Did!
Have kids: No
Swim with sharks: No
Share a banana: Yes (Quite often as half a banana seems just the right size)
Eat rotten food: No! (Who answers 'yes' to this one???)

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