Saturday, February 28, 2015 D
Even More Food for the Soul!

On account of the Bonham's auctioneers and appraisers who had taken over the museum's lobby, their café was very busy. We were told there would be a twenty minute delay for the cooks to catch up.

So we decided not to add to their burden and headed off to the Seven Cups Tea House Julia wanted to visit. They had small snacks, also. So I figured we'd just eat our fill of those, in addition to the tea. The waitresses were probably astonished at our greed: Sweet dried fruit plates, steamed red bean rice dumplings, a seaweed salad we split, a black bean mooncake we split, rosemary cookies Julia ate most of, and two orders of big, puffy steamed buns with BBQ pork. We ate it all. And we drank Golden Tea Quan Yin tea:

A quite blissed out Julia!

We also got a bunch of tea to take home: "Snow Orchid", the Golden Tea Quan Yin that we'd just drank and something else with a deep flavor having hints of chocolate that the waitress recommended, "Old Bush Narcissus (Shui Xian)". What luxuries! Julia often orders online from Seven Cups tea, so she figures we at least saved postage!

Is the Ka fed? THE KA IS FED!

Very hotep!

And the night is not yet over!

Photos by Joan Ann Lansberry, ©2015

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