Tapestry of Neith (Nit)

The tapestry is 16x20cm, not including the hemming.
© Joan Lansberry, 2022
I envisioned a garland of garnets, amethysts and peridot surrounding her, but...

I was going to have peridots, but they were too tiny, too tiny even for the beading needle. So I substituted greenish hued tourmalines. The rosy red beads are also tourmaline. The dark red is garnet and the dark purple is amethyst. The Nit pendant is one I've had for a while, suspended from a ribbon, by On the Temple Steps.

I took some inspiration from the way I did Nebthet's tapestry, using the tiny 'pips' and a similar border.

Also, the gold background is the same gold I used in Set's tapestry:


I researched various ways of how to write Nit's name, and found there was a great deal of variety, from very thorough as in Nefertari's tomb, to the most simple. I found the 'loom' glyph (Gardiner's sign list R24) is the essential hieroglyph, explained here.