Tuesday, April 12, 2022 B
Neit's Tapestry Has Just Begun!

To begin, I laid Neit's medallion on the canvas and lightly traced.

From there, I began to edit that trace. Stitching the outlines, I edited still further.

Friday, April 15, 2022
Neit Has a Face!

What colors to make her collar???

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Neit Has Arms and a Dress!

Now that her dress color has been established, what colors to make her collar???

Saturday, April 23, 2022
Neit Has a Colorful Collar!

Soon, I'll start thinking about border!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
Hieroglyphs for Neit

Julia asked if I was going to put the hieroglyphs for Neit in the upper right hand corner of her tapestry. I might have room, particularly if I do a more simplified name.

So I did some research on how Neit's name was spelled. There's a bit of variety, from more thorough to more short.

One of the most thorough ways is in Nefertari's beautiful tomb:

Screen capture from kairuinfo4u
One glyph less (the zig zag 'N') in Seti's tomb:

Screen capture from kairuinfo4u

And still more simpler:

Screen capture from CESRA Academy

And the simplest:

Screen capture from CESRA Academy, Outer Coffin of Isetemkheb,
(Royal Cache TT 320, Deir el-Bahari), Egyptian Museum, CG 610031

So what IS that symbol? Is it a loom or is it a shield? Neit does have more war-like symbols, two crossed arrows on a pole or crossed arrows and bows, from her earliest representations. But I'm inclined to think this symbol used in New Kingdom or later depictions is a loom:

Screen capture from Ancient Egyptian Shields and their Handles: A Functional Explanation of New Kingdom Developments, by Nick Wernick
The typical shield (adapted from Oriental Institute Epigraphic Survey, Medinet Habu 1, Pls. 34 and 39)

Screen capture from Ancient Egyptian and Greek Looms, by H. Ling Roth

From Old Kingdom hieroglyphic symbol for Neith.
Gardiner's sign list R25
(The more common loom symbol is Gardiner's sign list R24)

As a creator goddess, Neit weaves the world into being.

Thursday, May 12, 2022
Neit is Ready to Hem!

I'm envisioning a garland of garnets, amethysts and peridot surrounding her.

Later Note: Here's the finished view, complete with pendants:

I was going to have peridots, but they were too tiny, too tiny even for the beading needle. So I substituted greenish hued tourmalines. The rosy red beads are also tourmaline. The dark red is garnet and the dark purple is amethyst. The Nit pendant is one I've had for a while, suspended from a ribbon, by On the Temple Steps.

I took some inspiration from the way I did Nebthet's tapestry, using the tiny 'pips' and a similar border.

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