Medallions of Nit and Nebthet

All four types....

In February of 2021, I felt Nebthet's gentle nudging, that she'd like some artwork, as pieces of her are so rare.. I was hesitant, as I'd sculpted a Set head by hand, but felt nervous to attempt a more 'human' face. But the rarity made the effort worth the attempt, so.....

Julia suggested I do a cut-away version, rather than a round one, so that her face and crown could have greater detail. I adapted Wikipedia's Nebthet (Nephthys) profile so that it had better proportions. Then I had Shapeways make the base, 130.6 mm tall, 95mm wide and 4mm thick.

Her base arrived March 1, 2021 and by the end of Mid-March, I'd already gotten an idea for a medallion profile of Nit:

Wiki photo which guided me ....

When Nit's base arrived, I worked out her necklace design by tracing around the Shapeways base and drawing.

By the end of March, Nebthet's clay model was done. Later, by the end of May, Nit's medallion was ready to be sent to the foundry. I chose for both to have three in brown patina and four in gold patina, for a total of seven each.

Nebthet (Nephthys)

Nit (Neith)

The finished castings arrived from Carolina Bronze on November 3, 2021.
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