Intuitive Artwork

Visit Exotic Places

Receiving - Offering

A Gathering of...

Happy to See You

Working Together

Not Losing a Flower

A Semblance of Life

Always Beginning

Midnight Illuminations

Juicy Tree

Rooted & Reaching

Her Lovely Possession

The Offering


Radiant Soul

King of Wot

The Announcement

Nighttime Surging of Hope

Portable Desert

Carnival Mood

Examining the Tea

Embraced I

Embraced II

If I Open my Arms

Conjuring the Music

Mona Mona
(I used to call these 'Automatic Drawings', which implies that ONLY the subconscious intuitive processes are used. Does some conscious process get in? It's possible. So now I call these 'intuitive' drawings, which may sound all 'new agey', but maybe is a more accurate description of the process.)

"Art is a marriage of the conscious and the unconscious." - Jean Cocteau

"I accept the Surrealist formula: the need to place the logic of the visible at the service of the invisible, to remake the world around us by the power of one's imagination" - J.G. Ballard

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