Rooted and Reaching

© Joan Ann Lansberry, June 2009

This is an intuitive piece. I began with 'automatic drawing', trying to draw as my intuitive mind directed me. Then, I took that result, which was kind of shaky, and put it on our glass table, with a light underneath to enable tracing, and attempted a neater result. I scanned that result, and neatened it some more in Photoshop. I created a printable pdf, and colored that. I scanned this colored piece at 300dpi, and then saved it to same dpi that the pdf image was created at. I took the lines from the linear version and copied them and pasted them over the colored version, which had obscured the lines. I kept that as a layer, so I could work underneath it on the colored background, which I smoothed out some more.

To me, this suggests many things. It suggests the chakras, with roots into the earth, and reaching into the sky. I have the Crown chakra (Higher Self), there at the top. Also, when I look at it, the two extensions almost look like the fallopian tubes, and the 'tree root' like the channel through which the 'Higher Self' can be born, in this case, 'spirit' arising from 'matter'.