King of Wot

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©JAL, 6-5-06
He's the King of Wot
He's the King of WHAT?

"One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself."
::: Leonardo da Vinci :::

I am seeing TWO pentacles in the 'King of Wot' picture, both a point up and a point down:

What's enclosed within the center of the point down pentacle is the King's head,
emphasising he gains his power from himself and that he is his own council.

What is enclosed in the center of the point up pentacle is the green form.

If this form represents those attendant external spirits, then this would work for this pentacle. In this view, the King is heeding external sources. As a corollary, what is also emphasized by the enclosing pentacle lines is his EARS, that he hear the outside words of advice.

So Here is is again, Set and Horus blessing the King:

The wise sovereign balances within himself those forces strengthening individuality and those forces strengthening co-operation.