Hathor, 2023

Taking the design of the small Hathor I did in 2020 and changing the colors to more warm, this one is 28cm (11in.) wide.
© Joan Ann Lansberry 2023

Photo by William Petty from KV 57 that served as a guide for both the 2015, 2020 and 2023 pieces, (courtesy William Petty)

This is my third attempt of this scene from Horemheb's tomb. The first is mixed media trace print/colored pencil. The second is a small needlepoint on 18 grid aida. This one is cross stitch on 20 grid aida. The greater "pixel" count and greater size allows much more detail than my first attempt.

The space behind her looked so empty...


I like these colors so much, I'm considering doing a larger ankh, similar to ones I've done earlier. Will I have enough of the light peach (no.20) and yellow (no.676) of the background? The ankh itself is (outer: blue (no.3765) and magenta (no.917)) and inner: dark blue (no.312) and dark magenta (no.915). The pips (which in that case I would hope look like flowers) are two shades of pink (nos. 204 and 603)