Hathor, Close-up 2020

Not including hem, 13.5 x 18 cm (5.25 x 7 in.)
© Joan Ann Lansberry, June 2020

I got inspired for another image of Hathor, after declaring in a forum "There can never be too many images of Hathor!"

I looked to a piece I did five years ago for inspiration:

It is a print colored with pencils, scanned and digitally adjusted
© Joan Ann Lansberry, November 2015

So I enlarged the face of that piece's linear version to use behind a needlepoint grid planner:

I have a cute 6 inch wide hanger for it....

Looking at the original plan, we can see Hathor was slated to have "bug-eyes" and a ribbon that wouldn't have looked right. Fortunately, I was able to give her decent looking eyes and a more gracefully hanging ribbon that matches the curves in her wig.

Earlier progress.....

Photo by William Petty from KV 57 that served as a guide for both the 2015 and 2020 pieces, (courtesy William Petty)

On the wall, with ankhs......