The Arrival!
May 22, 2014

What was hoped for has now arrived! Here is my new Set statue enhanced by early morning sun streaming through the window!
(Why the iron 'Chinese' dragon? Iron has associations with Set, for meteoritic iron is called the "Bones of Set":

"the metal which came forth from Seth" is "bj3 - meteoric iron"
(Source, Ann Macy Roth "Opening of the Mouth Ceremony")
Also, to me, the Chinese dragon shares commonalities with Set, for the fierce, relentless energy. Not only that, the dragon has serpentine characteristics, and for me, this juxtaposition is serving to represent "the uraeus which proceeded from Seth" (Utterance 570 of the Pyramid Texts, Pepi I: Vestibule, West and East Walls: _The Literature of Ancient Egypt_, edited by William K. Simpson, pages 260-261)
I've gathered the story of the statue's creation here. I have a more concise version of its creation, as well.

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