To the Great Mystery
May 13, 2014 (1993, 1994?)


To the Great Mystery which is within and without,  
Honor be to the Spirit of Life.
May it flow like a river
Through the channels of our hearts
And branch out across the earth.
Let us find healing at the peaceful waters
And learn the love that empowers.
May the love grow as the flame
That brings light into the darkness
And melts hatred and fear,
And may we burn forever bright.
May we know the strength of our souls,
Know the worlds within us
As we know we are cells of a greater whole.
Two-fold in one, We are many fold in one.
Ah-ho, so mote it be, AMEN.

--- Joan Ann Lansberry

I wrote this poem sometime in 1993 or '94, based by my rememberance of what house we were living in, (which might have been faulty memory). I had cause to think of it when encountering a hymn to the Netjer Amun, "Unique is Amun, who is hidden before them," "He is too mysterious for his mystery to be revealed," "the ba who hides his name according to his mysteriousness." (Andreas Schweizer, The Sungod's Journey through the Netherworld, page 208, quoting Jan Assmann, The Search for God in Ancient Egypt)

I found the text in Assmann's book on page 237, learned it is from the Leiden Papyrus, and found more epithets of Amun:

Mysterious of transformations,
gleaming of forms of manifestation,
wondrous god, rich in forms!
All gods boast of being his,
to magnify themselves with his beauty, as he is divine.

Yes, as I am sensing it, all gods, including Set, boast of this!

More and more, I find I am coming around full circle, but with a deepened understanding of the foundations.

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