Exploring the Roles of Set and Osiris
December 5, 2011

Those who identify more with Set could see Osiris as being passive, while those who identify with Osiris could see Set as the violent aggressor. The roles of Set and Osiris are very interesting, and very necessary in Egyptian mythology. The god of the dead _has_ to die, and Set is the only one powerful to do it. TeVelde explains "Out of death life arises" and shares a Coffin Text:

"I am Osiris ... I have fallen upon my side, that the gods may live on me." (_Seth, God of Confusion_, page 81)

The two gods' interplay is the whole cycle of life, death and regeneration. At the Khoiak Festival of "Hacking the Earth" corn mummies are buried. Later, the corn breaks through the earth and emerges in new growth. Perhaps Osiris' role is a little 'passive'.

Set is the explorer, "boldly going where no one has gone before", (quite often in Inner Space), stretching one's limits, testing oneself, ever arching beyond to some new frontier.

Osiris is the 'stay-at-home'. He only moves when pushed. (And guess who pushes him?)

Set gives clue to what can and must be changed. Osiris gives clue to what can't be changed and what must be accepted. Death is one of those things. We can try our best influences, make healthy choices, encourage loved ones to make healthy choices. But there's no denying it, sooner or (hopefully) later, death will claim the lives of everyone on the planet. Which of course, includes you and your loved ones. This is because AGING is a part of life. We can choose all the healthy actions, but there's no way a 53 year old body can be like a 23 year old body. We can find ourselves mourning the loss of our youth.

We can mourn jobs lost that were not of our choice. We can mourn relationships with people that are broken. All of these losses must be acknowledged.

But then we mourn and move on. We leave the 'hand-wringing' behind. What CAN we do something about? Knowing what we can change and what we must accept will ease our path through life.

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