A Blessing For Newbies
November 6, 2011

I came across an interesting Set find in my web-travels recently:

My trace from their photo of a small scarab at the Walters Art Museum, #42.9
ca. 1186-736 BC (late New Kingdom-Third Intermediate)

Their website info gave the translation as "May the recruits of Seth be satisfied," and said it was a blessing for soldiers. As we see here the glyph for 'youth', (the person with their hand to their mouth), the 'nefer' glyph, the 'hotep' glyph and the Set animal (maybe with a uraeus for his tail?), I'm thinking it could be translated: "May the newbies of Set be satisfied." What ever the 'newbies' were being initiated into, the army, school or the priesthood, it is certainly a blessing.

I made a print, colored it, and then digitally adjusted my scan...

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