February 18, 2012
The spear that flew through the sky,
Iron searing its way earthward,
Force like lightning epiphany,
My mouth opens in awe.

Power gathering at the root,
Drinking deeply so my hungry limbs
Reach upwards,
I am a tree well planted.

I have an open heart,
A bowl ready to receive divine blessings,
I can contain so much
I overflow and receive again.

What is this crown I wear?
What is this eye which sees the unseen?
Violet aura of attainment,
Keen awareness grows.

Whose are these hands I have?
Through me, the power flows.
The gods must work through me,
Rendering creation's fulfillment.

I have the voice,
I have this moment,
Full of possibility,
It is my choice.

How shall I choose?
Reason and devotion strengthen mind and heart,
Connecting that which is within to that which is beyond.
I am one flame amid a galaxy.

Joan Ann Lansberry, 2-18-2012

A Little Background Information

"the metal which came forth from Seth" is "bj3 - meteoric iron"
(Source, Ann Macy Roth "Opening of the Mouth Ceremony")

"Meteoritic iron has been found in Egypt in burials as early as the Predynastic period. It was thought to have magical significance, since the same word is used for 'marvel, miracle'. That this material came from 'falling stars' was apparently well understood by the Egyptians, as evidenced by the frequent use of a star determinative with the word bj3...

"The adze itself theoretically had a blade of meteoritic iron and was originally and most frequently called the dw3-wr, a name that is written with a star and is clearly related to the dw3t, the place where stars are. The constellation we see as a 'Great Bear' or a 'Big Dipper' was called mshtjw by the Egyptians , and was compared to both the adze (fig 9) and the hps, the foreleg of an ox (fig.10)" (Roth, "Fingers, Stars, and the 'Opening of the Mouth': the Nature and Function of the Ntrwj-blades", page 70)

"Farouk el Baz has suggested that a 4-kilometre-wide crater south-west of Dakhla Oasis is meteoric in origin."(Ibid, page 72)

The Dakhla (Dakhle, Dakhleh) oasis was long associated with the god Set. Perhaps Plutarch's description of Set, "with a blow he broke through his mother's side and leapt forth." (tranlation via TeVelde) is referring to that iron meteor tearing itself through the heavens, his mother being Nut (aka Nuit), the sky goddess.

"Horus has opened the mouth of N.N. with that wherewith he opened the mouth of his father wherewith he opened the mouth of Osiris, with the metal which came forth from Seth: the mshtyw of metal."
From _Seth, God of Confusion_, page 88

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