Idea for Set Statue
January 28, 2016, Adjusted June 14, 2016

I have so many ideas. The idea for a Set for my main altar has undergone many revolutions. At first I had the idea of a seated Set, and that went through many revisions. Then I toyed with an idea of a human bodied Set on a throne similar to Hathor's. It's largely drawn from the wooden Leiden statue:

But it didn't seem right. Was it too orderly? I envisioned Set sitting backwards on the throne, howling and serenading Hathor with raucous singing.

So I went back to the seated Set, and added a recessed area and changed the tail to a curled one. I was thinking that would be "The One".

But then it seemed to me Set was saying, "Hathor has a throne, Ptah will have a throne (raw bronze), I'd like a throne, too!"

What to do? I thought to introduce a little "chaos", and have Set's feet vary, the right one forward of the left, which is back against the throne. I've never seen seated statues of people or deities like this, they are always feet side by side. So it seems the right amount of "disorder".

As of April 29th, the thighs seemed too short, the hands too small and the trunk too short. The icon would convey more strength with these fixed. With those changes, the head seems more in porportion and not too large. Later, I decided Set should have his OWN style of throne. I've changed the throne to be more like the ancient Set statue model, wider from the front view and more sharp corners, with the inset and an ankh (like I did on the Ptah statue).

June 14, 2016

Also, a couple of statues of Anubis at the Glyptotek may serve to inspire for the body, if they are flipped from the original, another view here. The stone statue can be identified as being from Amunhotep III's reign (as evidenced by his NebMaatRa cartouche in this flipped photo. A bronze statue shows a body in good form, as well.

Someday this MAY come into being....

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