Saturday, January 1, 2022
Happy New Year!

The year before last, Facebook informed me "this photo from 6 years ago today was your most liked that year.
We thought you'd like to look back on it."

It amuses me because with a tiny bit of digital copy~n~paste, I re-used it for 2020, 2021 and now 2022!

The words I said last year still hold true:

The year before last year, I began with a wish for "Ma'at to prevail" in 2020. (The ankhs are holding symbols of Ma'at (truth, justice and fairness))! Sadly, I think back to all the times Ma'at DID NOT prevail in 2020, and in 2021. Did my talisman fail?

While I still pray that, prehaps I am better guided to think about how _I_ (and only _I_) can work towards this goal in my life. I can not control the actions of others. I can only control my own actions.

(Am I tempted to add, "And only on the good days!) Would that be a more truthful assessment? But I can aim, EACH DAY, towards that goal. Am I seeking the Truth? Am I speaking the Truth? Am I being fair? (And thereby following that goal, a whole raft of subsequent virtues, Ma'at being the bed rock of them all.)

May Ma'at prevail (chez moi) in 2022!

And as ever, I thank the Gods (Netjeru) that I've made it this far. I've lasted longer than my poor father did. I'd remembered his age at death wrong, he didn't even make it to sixty-three. Well, he had lots of health problems and stress that ended up with fatal lung cancer. I am grateful I don't have the stressors he had.

I have different stressors. I'm sure in 1993, before he got too sick to think, he would never have imagined a world wide pandemic going on now for over two years. Also, he would never have imagined the way the climate change crisis exploded, resulting in much bad fortune for people. I pity farmers and those that have lost their homes due to fires and floods and...

Meanwhile, I take each day as it comes. I have only one goal, to live each day to the fullest I can. What is 'fullest' to me is to fill it with as much art and music and laughter as I can. Music is streaming here in the house most hours of the day. We should have a healthy house plant (a pine tree gifted to us by a friend years ago that manages to survive despite its funny shape.) Last night's news featured a grape farmer who plays Mozart music to serenade his grapes, as he says they are so much sweeter and juicier that way.

While I'm mostly only a listener to music, I am more than an observer to art. I am content stitching away on my needlecraft art work.

The hemming is continuing on the Hathor tapestry, it will likely be hanging in its designated spot by tonight.

Earlier, I began sketch designs for a tapestry featuring Set:

This piece done in 2012 was originally created by reference to both a photo and a drawing of Thutmose III's Heb Seb scene at Karnak.

So I played to make Set less skinny and...

Then I traced from the linear version of the above.
Next will be to put this drawing behind the aida canvas and....

Meanwhile, another plan...

The Ma'at feathers I had made for my needlepoint of Ma'at,

I wanted a large one to hang besides Ptah's needlepoint:
It will have a slightly longer 'stem', and be 151.18mm (almost six inches) tall, in nickle coated steel.

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