Set Offering Life

©Joan Ann Lansberry, 4-18-12
This piece was originally created by reference to both a photo and a drawing of Thutmose III's Heb Seb scene at Karnak. Between the recent photo, (by Arja Kontkanen), with all the damage that occurred since Lepsius' drawing and his more complete scene, I could come to some idea of what the scene looked like when new.

In Lepsius' drawing, Thutmose III is running, while carrying two heset jars. He has passed by Horus, who holds three ankhs and holds a palm branch. He approaches Amun, Set is behind Amun. Set also has palm branches. The presentation of palm branches ensures a long reign. Set has his titles: ‘Son of Nut’, ‘Lord of the sedge lands’, ‘Lord of heaven’ and 'great of magic'.

Version sized for 5x7 inch with legs.

(The black and white version is available, as well.)