Thursday, April 2, 2020
Inspired At Last!
11:15 am

I am so much happier when I have an art project going!

And now I have two!.

Project no. 2 was started, because the wait for the arrival of needed needlepoint yarns has been so long. I did hear back from the DMC company, my orders with them will arrive next week. Impatient me set about looking elsewhere, meanwhile. I did find a twelve-pack of the cream #712, needed for both projects, via an Amazon source. Scalpers raised the price of the dark gold #782, however. No, NOT going to pay triple price! I did find a discontinued #781 via an embroidery shop in Utah. If DMC numbering is consistent, this should be a tad darker. Possibly, it may prove better?

Meanwhile, this is the image of Anubis I printed out and placed under the grid paper:

It was enlarged and simplified still further from this version via Flickr. This comes from an ushabti box of Asetemachbjt, from the 21st Dynasty, now at Cairo museum, originally from the Royal Cache TT320.

Of course, as I was drawing on the grid paper, I changed and simplified things further. There are now only four djed pillars and three tyets. Also, I made the shrine box more similar in shape to the one from Tutankhamun's tomb.

"Patiently" waiting for the dark gold yarn....

And the second project is a small banner of Wepwawet:

Compare this to my first attempt at Wepwawet!

I put the solar disk on the uraeus because I learned from Bezenwepwy's site that the Uraeus is an Eye of Ra:

"I'd been curious about the uraeus goddess who accompanies him on his standard. She can occur alone or as a pair. She/They are sometimes shown wearing the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt. She is clearly an "Eye of Re"..."

I wrestled with numbers on the border, trying to get it to 'flow' right. Horizontal color blocks will be seven 'pixels' long, two intervals of reddish purple, gold, dark green, medium blue..... Vertical 'bricks" had to be eight 'pixels' long....

Friday, April 3, 2020
Thread Arrived At Last!

Now has dark gold yarn....

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